St. John's UniversityCalendar of events

St. John’s University accepted women to enroll for the first time.

The Anti-Japanese War broke out and a suspension notice was issued on August 16. On September 16, the school board decided to move the school to a shopping mall located in the public concession. In October of the following year, the school board decided to move the school back to its main campus.

January,Bu Yuji resigned and became the honorary principal. Shen Yuliang served as the acting principal and finally the principal. All foreigners were detained by the Japanese army or expelled from the country.

January,The Board of Directors decided to continue the school and automatically disbanded it. The establishment of an emergency school board composed entirely of Chinese people was successively performed by Chen Zongliang. Yan Huiqing became chairman and took over all administrative duties of the school. Administrative duties were all performed by the Chinese.

May 25-26,Conflict erupted between students and the school administration over relations with US and Japan. On June 3, there were student protests against the school authorities, and many students were injured. After the incident, Mr. Tu Yuqing resigned and the school board committee took over the university administration. On October 4th, Bu Qiji, the son of Bu Jiji, became the vice president.

December,Mr. Rong Yiren was elected as the chairman of the school board. After the Central People’s Government Office issued a decree, “Decision on the Policy of Handling Cultural Education Institutions and Religious Groups Receiving US Help”, the university was forced to completely disconnect from the American Episcopal Church.

September,All Chinese Higher Education Institutions were amended. Each department of the SJU Faculty was disbanded and dispersed to different universities, and it was officially declared as a propaganda institution, effectively losing its identity as St. John’s University. All teachers and students left the university. The colleges were merged with the High School of Datong University to form the Shanghai 54th Middle School. St. Mary’s Girls School and the Chinese Western Women’s Schools merged and formed Shanghai Third Girls’ High School.